Thursday, April 16, 2009

Is That The Mouth You Kiss Your Mother With?

My mommy made the most awesome dinner last night: Garlic steamed spinach greens, lemon & walnut rice pilaf and almond crusted chicken breasts. Oh it was so yummy. Later we had a little conversation about it on Skype and since I've been such a blogging deadbeat latly, I thought I'd take the easy road and share the amusement here for all to enjoy!

Wonder-Rachel says: Noah still has spinach in his mouth.
Pastry Mama says: OMG!
Wonder-Rachel says: I bet Kristiina and Mummu would like the lemon & walnut rice pilaf...
Pastry Mama says: yeah - probably......
Pastry Mama says: and Mummu would probably like it with the brown rice that is called for.
Wonder-Rachel says: Yep
Wonder-Rachel says: She loves all that shit.
Pastry Mama says: are you calling brown rice, shit?
Wonder-Rachel says: Only in the sense that anything that is a noun is in peril of being called shit by me at some point, yes.
Pastry Mama says: LMMFAO