Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let the feats of strength begin!

Festivus is here and the feats of strength have begun. Lately Noah does this thing where he gets into the kitchen pantry & begins pulling all our large Costco size bottles off of the bottom shelf and bringing them to us somewhere else in the house, one by one. This is no small job for a toddler of not-yet-two-years! Anthony said several nights ago: "Yeah, start hauling the bottle of Canola Oil around and then I'll be impressed kid." That's why I snapped a picture of the Feats of Strength collection that took place the very next day while he was at work. Since this picture was taken he has added two more items to his Feats of Strength: Two full 3lb jars of Jif Super Chunk peanut butter. He's a little go-getter. HAPPY FESTIVUS!

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  1. I would pay some serious cash to find out exactly what's going through his head when he does this. Does he think he's helping? Maybe he's dropping hints for dinner?

    Seriously, kids intrigue the shit out of me.

  2. What's really fun is he'll put them back on the shelf once he's emptied it. Each of those items are 2-3 pounds. That's a lot of weight for him to be hauling around. It's really funny to hear him grunt as he puts them back. He's gonna be one tough kid, I'll tell you that right now. :)