Thursday, December 4, 2008

Well they've got us by the balls now

Quote me on that.

I thought the moment called for some profound words. I was perusing our take-home copy of my first-ever home purchase loan. Looking at my own loopy signature there on the pages so many pages, those were the profound words. If I hadn't been on the phone with my sister at the moment Anthony handed the packet to me, it likely would have gone more like this: Well those fuckers got us by the balls now.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited. Happy to have our house back - to have the house back in our names (and mine actually on it this time around)! Happy, despite the fact that with property values in UT finally dipping like the rest of the country, we'll likely be upside down on our loan soon enough. Happy despite the dripping water heater and the fridge that can't keep a bulb lit I should have RC Willey on speed dial with how many appliances have given out & will go out in the near future at our house. I'm happy that the threadbare carpet, dingy paint and bare wood stairs are mine. All our half-finished home improvement projects might actually find a bit more inspiration coming from me in the months ahead now that it all belongs to me again.

What a strange and mixed emotion is owning a home. But to be sure, the phrase applies: They've got us by the balls now.


  1. It's a good thing. No matter how you try to twist it. :)
    We just bought our house in July and are already considering refinancing. Rates are supposed to dip to the 5's in the next month or so. (This is language I never used to partake in and kind or cringe that I do now, BTW.)

  2. well the fuckers got us by the balls AND the titties too! We've refinanced AND took out a small 2nd mortgage to pay off some medical bills that had piled up. i think for every signature it's one more decade in their firm molesting fondle.

    ah yes...the joys of home ownership!