Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My apologies

I'm very distracted lately and it's kept me from posting much of anything on here. I've been working on writing something. Something longer than 4 inches of computer monitor. It has me completely wrapped up. I hope you're all still interested in returning to check in on me, when I come up for air. If there's anything you're wondering about, want to know, want me to write about Some examples might be "Wonder-Rachel, what's your favorite color?" or "Wonder-Rachel, what are your views on trigger-lock laws" etc. ... Leave a comment and maybe I'll be able to find some inspiration from your suggestions and write a few computer-inches on the topic!

1 comment:

  1. Wonder-Rachel, what's the color of your favorite trigger-lock? Kidding.

    Just wanted to thank you for posting a comment on my blog [] and apologize for the shameless plug I just made for my blog ;)

    Seriously tho, to answer you question about ministerial school: I belong [such a posessive word...maybe align with?] to a movement called Unity. It's a very open & accepting spin on christianity...all paths lead to God, there're no wrong religions, we're all one, God's not a bearded old man in the sky, etc (go to for more articulate info). The school is just outside Kansas City, MO so I'll be living between there and Raleigh for next 2 years. Oh joy.

    Although Unity has an open door policy to other religions and denominations, I got issues with Mormons or any other sect that motivates through guilt and shame. But to each their own I suppose.