Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Busted Stuff

I'm learning as I go. It would be nice if we could learn our life lessons without having to deal with the broken mess we make along the way... but I guess that's how we benefit from all this mess in the first place is when we have to deal with it.

Last week I had a brief and ugly exchange with someone I used to be related to. It wasn't something I'm particularly proud of, even though I still feel I handled things fairly well. Even feeling I had a right to stir the pot I stirred in response to a slight at me, I can admit there are aspects I would have changed. But if that was it, the whole thing would be forgotten by now.

Here's what's still got me chewing my cheek over this: Here we are in this messy life, all jumbled up together, loving and hating each other. So when something goes on between two people, wouldn't it be wonderful if it was just between the two of you? But it never is. Because we're all tied in together, we're all involved in it all. When we say and do things to someone, we say and do them to the other people who make up that portion of the web of our lives. And the things we might not regret saying, we end up regretting anyway. I may have lost another piece of my family this week.


  1. ain't that the way life goes though. people, even family [or ex-family in this case], come and go. sometimes it's pleasant, sometimes not. that's just life, so go easy one yourself.

    just curious...who's in the pic?

  2. I have four siblings of varying degrees. Above, are two of the younger ones - circa 1984.

  3. Families are so stinking complicated. Every time I hear that Tolstoy quote I think: He just didn't know any of the "happy families" well enough to know about the complications that don't show.

    I just realized that you're following my blog... I'm incredibly flattered :)