Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Dream So Real

Some of you may know my sister invited me to join her in National Novel Writing Month (four months after the fact) and I agreed to also write a 50,000 word novel by the end of March. It's been an interesting beginning, I'm very optimistic, and only a tiny bit behind so far.

But I've decided a good way to be a little more accountable for my writing is to do as my sister is doing and update my blog daily with a word count of how much I'm writing. Please ask me how it's going, check for updates etc. I need the encouragement.

3/1: goal-1670 actual-1774
3/2: goal-1670 actual-1708
3/3: goal-1670 actual-634
3/4: goal-1670 actual-0
3/5: goal-1670 actual-0
3/6: goal-1670 actual-4226
3/7: goal-1670 actual-1020

week 1: goal-11,690 actual-9362


  1. Not bad at all, considering I can't even write a daily blog.

    Go Wonder Rachel, go!

  2. Keep it up honey. I know you can do it, just think of Dori's mantra - Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.