Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

So I'm beginning to question my sanity after agreeing to do this 50,000 word writing project in March. My boys turned 10 and 2 this week and today I'm 32! You have no idea how many birthday cakes are being baked in this house this week! But I'm pressing on and it's going well. I'm behind but not too badly.
I thought I shouldn't let my birthday go by without posting - even though there's no way I can actually crank out a meaningful post today! I will tell you though that I have several blogs in me, waiting to get out:
1. The story of Bear and the cream of coconut
2. The story of Bear and the toilet swim.
3. The coconut cream tart escapade (boy am I glad I didn't do those, only helped a little),
and of course
4. Stuff about all the birthdays this month!

So there you have it. Now I have to get my kid to piano lessons and get going on all this birthday cake baking! I'll be back in April!


  1. Happy birthday!
    The age of 32 is great (especialy to Lance Armstrong )

  2. Happy birthday sweetheart. I'm looking forward to the new April Blogs, they should be good.

  3. Happy birthday, hot stuff!

    Save me some cake.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! March Birthdays are fun, they go with green beer =)