Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why I Hate The Snow (F words involved)

FUCK! I never should have posted yesterday and now the universe is punishing me!

Would you like to know the next weeks forecast?
Today: Blowing Snow
Monday: Snow Showers
Tuesday: Chance of Snow
Wednesday: Chance of Snow
Thursday: Rain and Snow
Friday: Rain and Snow
Saturday: Rain and Snow

Reason number whatever why I hate the snow: Because snow's a fucking bitch with a sick sense of humor! Gr.


  1. LOL That's too bad baby. I'm not happy about next weeks forcast either. I've really started to get the spring fever, but that feeling is totally squashed now. :P

  2. Don't. Miss. Utah. At. All.

  3. HaHa...luv it when you cuss. how did the snow turn out after all?

  4. Hahahaha. Dude, I love you. When can we hang out again?

  5. I'm back in th land of my origin (New England) and they're forecasting a huge blizzard. I can haz California back please?